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Meanings of RRI: The missing link between theory and practice – Making Science Public

Cross-posting this blog from Making Science Public. This blog post is based on the article I recently co-authored with Sarah Hartley and Warren Pearce, ‘Against the tide of depoliticisation: The politics of research governance’, published open access in Policy & Politics. … Continue reading

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They Cam and they went – Tory leadership double haiku

They Cam and they went, BoJo no go; Fox chased off, Crabb scuttled away. Et tu Michael? Yes. Andrea lead some, too few, May the last one. Win.

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Moving on: 12 years at Nottingham

Its 12 years since I first arrived at the University of Nottingham as a fresh-faced undergraduate. I didn’t think back then I’d still be here 12 years later, having studied two degrees and worked in a number of  jobs across … Continue reading

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A green chemist’s interest in responsible research and innovation

In the past few months, I have been involved in a project on responsible research and innovation (RRI). What is RRI? Well, it’s concerned with the “nature and trajectory of new technologies and fields of enquiry” and asks at a fundamental … Continue reading

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Power to the post-doc: the role of Research Staff Associations

Post-doc life can be a strange existence. Tied to short, fixed-term contracts and those with academic ambitions expected to move from place-to-place, post-docs are by very nature a transitory species. For those who are happy to shoulder the uncertainty in … Continue reading

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Carbon Neutral Laboratory: fire update

View of the University of Nottingham’s Carbon Neutral Laboratory construction site, early June 2014. Over the past year I written several posts here and on other sites about our new Carbon Neutral Laboratory (CNL), which was due to open in mid-2015. As … Continue reading

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Has the Square been Circled?

Last week, I was at the “Circling the Square” conference organised by the University of Nottingham’s Science, Technology and Society research group.  The meeting’s purpose was to bring together and start a dialogue between natural and social scientists, policy makers, science communicators and … Continue reading

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The peril of the press release

In a famous piece of media analysis, the average length of a soundbite in a US presidential election was found to have collapsed from 43 seconds in 1968 to just nine by 1988. Although the discovery led to plenty of head-scratching and fears … Continue reading

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Sustainable chemistry thriving at the University of Nottingham

This post is a copy of a press release I wrote for a recent event on green and sustainable chemistry held at The University of Nottingham in April 2014.  Researchers from across the University of Nottingham came together to talk … Continue reading

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20p for every pound: the value of the UK’s science base

Where’s the evidence? A common challenge laid down by scientists and skeptics to politicians who open their mouths and proclaim the latest ill thought out policy. But the same challenge can also be made to those of us in the … Continue reading

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