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Meanings of RRI: The missing link between theory and practice – Making Science Public

Cross-posting this blog from Making Science Public. This blog post is based on the article I recently co-authored with Sarah Hartley and Warren Pearce, ‘Against the tide of depoliticisation: The politics of research governance’, published open access in Policy & Politics. … Continue reading

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They Cam and they went – Tory leadership double haiku

They Cam and they went, BoJo no go; Fox chased off, Crabb scuttled away. Et tu Michael? Yes. Andrea lead some, too few, May the last one. Win.

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Carbon Neutral Laboratory: fire update

View of the University of Nottingham’s Carbon Neutral Laboratory construction site, early June 2014. Over the past year I written several posts here and on other sites about our new Carbon Neutral Laboratory (CNL), which was due to open in mid-2015. As … Continue reading

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Inverting the hierarchy? Blogging and social media in academia

Academic blogging has snowballed over the past few years and huge numbers of researchers from across all disciplines are now writing about their experiences online. The reasons for doing it are many, and the potential benefits overwhelming. Blogging obviously provides … Continue reading

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Screwing the Planet

My second article on Medium’s Futures Exchange collection looks at how sustainable our sex lives are. An excerpt is below with the full article here. But sex isn’t just about making babies; there’s also a fun side. The sexual revolution of … Continue reading

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Blogroll: Turf wars

I was invited to write for Nature Chemistry’s Blogroll column for their December issue. The column is meant as a brief summary of the current chemistry/science blogosphere and features in their printed and online issues, which hopefully creates access to … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the year, or nearly, and time to start reflecting. It seems a common manifestation of such reflections is to draw up lists. From 50 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments! to funniest comedy catchphrases, TV and magazines end … Continue reading

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A few words on Nelson Mandela

I came home last night to hear the news that Nelson Mandela, former leader of the African National Congress and first black President of South Africa, had passed away at the age of 95.  I am far too young to … Continue reading

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Should Universities Lead Innovation?

I have been commissioned by University World News to write a piece on the recent review by Sir Andrew Witty (Chief Exec of pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline and Chancellor of the University of Notitngham) on Encouraging a British Invention Revolution.  Witty’s review … Continue reading

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Green Chemistry in the 21st Century

I have contributed to Frank Swain’s (@SciencePunk) Future Exchanges collection on Medium, as part of a collection of essays on the future of environmentalism in the 21st Century. I have included a selection from my post below; the full text … Continue reading

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