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Has the Square been Circled?

Last week, I was at the “Circling the Square” conference organised by the University of Nottingham’s Science, Technology and Society research group.  The meeting’s purpose was to bring together and start a dialogue between natural and social scientists, policy makers, science communicators and … Continue reading

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20p for every pound: the value of the UK’s science base

Where’s the evidence? A common challenge laid down by scientists and skeptics to politicians who open their mouths and proclaim the latest ill thought out policy. But the same challenge can also be made to those of us in the … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the year, or nearly, and time to start reflecting. It seems a common manifestation of such reflections is to draw up lists. From 50 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments! to funniest comedy catchphrases, TV and magazines end … Continue reading

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Science Policy- the fine line between advice and lobbying

I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop on policy run by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP).  I say fortunate as the workshop was booked out, with sufficient demand … Continue reading

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Fears over physical science funding in the UK

This week I went to a talk by David Delpy, current Chief Executive of the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC). EPSRC are responsible for administering funding for academic research to, unsurprisingly, engineering and the physical sciences, and are … Continue reading

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Science and Diversity- “Its not just about gender”

In a recent post I described a visit by a local MP, Labour’s Chris Leslie, to the School of Chemistry at Nottingham. I was able to arrange the visit thanks to the pairing scheme RSC LINKS run by the Royal … Continue reading

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An MP Visits the School of Chemistry

A number of professional bodies in the sciences run schemes to connect practising scientists with Members of Parliament or other politicians in the UK. Such schemes undoubtedly act as a gentle means of reminding our politicians about the importance of … Continue reading

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Science and the Budget: A letter to my MP

As a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry I was recently contacted to write to my MP in order to support their “Chemistry: We Mean Business” campaign, which is part of a broader campaign to maintain and even improve … Continue reading

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