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The peril of the press release

In a famous piece of media analysis, the average length of a soundbite in a US presidential election was found to have collapsed from 43 seconds in 1968 to just nine by 1988. Although the discovery led to plenty of head-scratching and fears … Continue reading

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20p for every pound: the value of the UK’s science base

Where’s the evidence? A common challenge laid down by scientists and skeptics to politicians who open their mouths and proclaim the latest ill thought out policy. But the same challenge can also be made to those of us in the … Continue reading

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Our Broken Science Career Path: Something Needs to Change

The career path for scientists and engineers in UK academia is broken.  But we knew that already. The recent House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee’s report on women in STEMM careers (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine) is just … Continue reading

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Taking the Corporate Pound- Why Universities and Companies Collaborate

Much of my job involves creating links between companies and academic researchers, which means coming into contact with a whole range of industry sectors, from Cleantech to pharmaceuticals to energy and oil. Oxford’s new Shell-sponsored research institute has highlighted an … Continue reading

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From the Lab to the Laptop: Writing your Thesis

I finished my Thesis in 2010, but am reliving the process again as several friends are currently writing theirs.  Hearing some of their discussions brings both a wry smile to my lips but also a sense of anxiety as I … Continue reading

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Science and the Budget: A letter to my MP

As a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry I was recently contacted to write to my MP in order to support their “Chemistry: We Mean Business” campaign, which is part of a broader campaign to maintain and even improve … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Science Communication: a history and review

I recently attended a lecture given by Peter Broks at the University of Nottingham’s Institute of Science and Society.  Peter is a Lecturer at Hereford College of Arts and has had a keen interest in popular science and science communication. … Continue reading

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Brian Cox and the IChemE’s Collier Medal

This week I went to see Brian Cox receive the IChemE’s Collier Medal for his outstanding contribution to the public understanding of science.  The event was hosted by IET London and was free to attend.  The auditorium was packed with … Continue reading

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My current role as a Business Science Fellow

This is the last of my entries describing my career to date, describing how I left the lab behind.  Research can be both a thrilling and tedious activity.  Periods of monotony, carrying out similar experiments, interspersed with those exciting, potentially … Continue reading

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To publish or not to publish during a Ph.D.

Recently, Jon Tennant (@Protohedgehog) tweeted during a professional development course: We’ve just been told not to worry too much about publishing during our PhDs. Anyone have thoughts or experiences on this matter? — Jon Tennant (@Protohedgehog) January 23, 2013 Queue much … Continue reading

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